FakeBook, not FaceBook

by totallynoel

It’s 2:30am here in Korea, and I’m chatting w/ my good old friend.
Just talking about those random things girls talk about… and it came to my recognition

FB doesn’t stand for FaceBook,
it stands for FakeBook.

PP doesn’t stand for Profile Picture,
it stands for Perfect People.

You can think that someone is perfectly fine,
perfectly happy,
perfectly content.
They show it–
through their “status”,
smiling photos,
yummy food posts,
but you never see the depth
of their heart.
What they’re really going through.
What they’re hiding.
What insecurities they don’t want others seeing.

And suddenly
FaceBook becomes a competition.
It becomes a FakeBook.

Profile Pictures are only set
to show what you think
represents your “perfection”
or “content state”.

People think you’re happy.
When you might not really be truly happy.
Friends “like” your tbh status,
Friends “like” your pp,
how many of them actually
care when you
Breathe in that breath of misery?
How many of them actually
care when you
Let go of all your worries and anxiety?
How many of them
are truly
there for you,
and care for you?

Do any of your 800+ friends care?


It’s quite scary
how our usage of social networking has become.